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Industrial Hygiene Services

(Healthcare and Industrial) 



Exposures to chemicals, physicals, and biological agents in the industrial and healthcare settings must be controlled and monitored. Oncore provides comprehensive industrial hygiene services designed to identify potential exposure risks and design for appropriate controls. Our staff have over 25 years of regulatory and exposure determination experience.

Services include:

  • Chemical and physical agent exposure assessments

  • Mold and fungi exposure assessments

  • Laboratory Chemical Monitoring

  • Anesthetic gases monitoring

  • Radiation safety

  • Laser Safety

  • Legionella sampling and assessments

  • Noise monitoring

  • Air flow/ventilation evaluations

  • ICRA protocols (Infection Control Risk Assessments)

  • Particulate monitoring and analysis 

  • Ergonomic and workstation evaluations

In addition, Oncore provides detailed solutions and strategies to address occupational risks and challenges in the workplace. Our consulting staff have experience in the following;

  • Workplace safety and health program development

  • OSHA compliance

  • Environmental Risk Assessments

  • Development of engineering controls

  • Expert witness testimony