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Workers Compensation and Employee Health Programs


Workers Compensation is a must in  the State of Florida, but your premiums are adjusted up or down based on the nature of your insurance, your type of industry classification (SIC code), and your occupational injury/illness history. It is in your company's  best interest to ensure you are correctly classified and to minimize the incidents of injury/illness that an employee claims to be job-related.


Many injuries and illnesses are a result of non-work related activities (sports, hobbies, pre-existing illness) and should  not be attributed to your company.  Oncore can help reduce illnesses and injuries caused by your operations and also control fraudulent claims.  Ensuring your employees' initial health condition is well  documented, documenting employee exposures, and maintaining good employee relations are three good ways of reducing fraudulent claims.  We can help with all three.


Services include

  • Occupational physical design development

  • Employee exposure monitoring

  • Expert opinion on the work-relatedness of claims

  • Occupational Safety and Health Committee consultation

  • OSHA Injury and Illness reporting

  • Program set-up

  • First aid vs. Work Compensation training

  • Employee Health services program development and review

  • Return to work programs

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