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Indoor Air Quality Evaluations


Indoor environmental conditions have become one of the biggest concerns in homes, buildings and workplaces. Faulty construction and poor building maintenance contribute to most indoor air quality problems. Our staff has extensive expertise in evaluating all these factors.

Oncore performs a variety of indoor air and environmental quality evaluations. Oncore is also licensed by the State of Florida in mold and moisture damage assessment which makes us equipped to deal with indoor air and environmental quality issues that may arise from moisture intrusion and mold growth.  

Services Include:

  • Visual evaluation of building materials

  • Visual evaluation of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning components

  • Environmental monitoring

  • Collection of both culturable and non-culturable air and surface samples in order to detect mold and bacterial elements

  • Full written reports that include observations, environmental measurements and sampling results, as well as detailed recommendations on how to fix any issues that have been discovered during the evaluation

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