Medical Risk Management


Our team of specialists provide a broad range of experience in health care safety, clinical compliance, risk management, patient safety, insurance, medical practice  services and regulatory compliance. The field of Medical Risk Management was developed to protect the rights and safety of patients.  Additionally, property risk, asset risks and insurance protection are part of the scope of  "managing risks".

Health Care Safety Programs

Surgical Safety

Administrative Program Development

Hospital Services Development

Plant and Facility design

Infection Control

Patient Safety

Expert testimony

Litigation Preparation and Chart Review

Clinical Compliance Program:

  • Incident trending and control

  • Construction programs

  • Health Care Employee Safety programs

  • Onsite Licensed Risk Managers

  • Quality Improvement and Assessment

  • Performance Improvement

  • Insurance strategies

  • Regulatory compliance

  • JCAHO Compliance and Preparation Surveys

  • Clinical systems design


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