Educational and Training Services

Employee Training

Oncore provides all OSHA and TJC required training to your employees and maintains documented proof of their  training.  We also provide tailored hazard prevention training based on our risk assessment of your processes.  Evaluations of our tailored training show it to be much more effective because the employees relate to the  examples and understand that it is specifically applicable to them.


ICRA Certificate Training

Construction related infections continue to be a concern in healthcare settings. The ICRA (Infection Control Risk Assessment) process implements precautions designed to reduce the risk of infections related to construction, renovation projects and worker related activities.


This educational class is also provided in participation with local hospitals in order to implement industry recognized work practices and improve compliance.


Learning Objectives:

·      Define standards and recommended ICRA practices

·      Identify infection risks associated with construction

·      Develop a risk assessment document

·      Develop controls for identified risks

·      Development of monitoring tools  


All OSHA required training programs


  • Fire Safety

  • Chemical Safety

  • Respiratory Protection

  • Infection Control/Bloodborne Pathogen

  • Preventing Musculo-Skeletal Disorders/Ergonomics

  • Illness/Injury Reporting

  • Proper Waste Handling Procedures

  • Healthcare Risk Management

  • Biomedical Waste


Management Training 

Oncore can train your management and administrative staff to manage your employee health and safety, waste management, and risk management programs.

  • Wellness Program Management and injury management

  • Ergonomics for managers

  • TJC

  • Effective Infection Control Management

  • Effective Waste Management

  • Complying with OSHA (all standards)

  • Complying with OSHA's injury reporting requirements

  • Proper air sampling (training specific to your company's air sampling requirements)

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